The Vanfoodster Podcast

--- Richard Wolak ---

A weekly podcast about the food scene in Vancouver and beyond. Each week we talk about the latest on the local and regional food scene, from restaurant openings, to in depth restaurant, cafe and food truck features, food and drink challenges, cooking, recipes, meal kits. food producers and their products, to travel eats and so much more. Hosted by Richard Wolak
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 23

    In this week’s episode I start off with a Holiday Dinner feature on Edge Catering. I profile the Flour Girls Holiday Bakes Treat Boxes Collaboration. I feature my Interview with Chef Ricci-Leigh Smith of Perfect Bite Catering I do ...


  2. The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 22

    In this special edition episode I am devoting it to all things coffee; from my annual coffee drink challenge that I run every January, to the newest cafes that have opened in the past year, to the newest coffee trucks on the street, and more. ...


  3. The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 21

    In this week’s episode I start off with an eatery feature on Celeshmet Persian restaurant in South Vancouver. I profile Flour Girl Baking, a vegan bakery that supplies cafes around the city as well as sells to the public. I feature an ...


  4. The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 20

    In this week’s episode I start off with a new eatery feature on Tsujiri inside Open Road Toyota in Richmond. I talk about the Tacofino Speaker series “Shift Change”. Next, I talk about Burnt Basque Cheesecake around Vancouver. I ...


  5. The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 19

    In this week’s episode I start off with a new eatery feature on Jamoneria & Sandwich Shop in Richmond. Next, I talk about the Vancouver Fried Chicken Challenge featuring Chicken World, Hi5 Chicken, Rib&Chicken, Super Hiro’s Restaurant and Win Win Chicken. I ...